GREENVILLE, Texas -- New details and images have been released in the death of a baby who was found at a gas station in Greenville last month.

Stephanie Flynn, 27, and Jeremy Stevenson, 30, the baby's parents, and Shawn Flynn, 20, the baby's aunt and the sister of Stephanie Flynn, have been arrested.

Shawn and Stephanie Flynn have both been charged with tampering with evidence for moving the baby's body.

Arrest affidavits reveal that the sisters called police from the Prime Stop on Wesley Avenue in Greenville on Jan. 8 to report the death of Alexiana Stevenson, who was born in November 2017.

While being interviewed by police, Shawn and Stephanie Flynn both said they traveled to Oklahoma with the baby, then discovered her dead in the backseat of the car when they got to the gas station upon reentering Texas.

Their stories and the condition of the baby didn't add up, the documents state. Both women admitted to lying. The documents show that Stephanie then told police that her boyfriend, Stevenson, found Alexiana dead in their bed that morning.

She told police that she "didn't know what to do because she didn't want her parole officer to know that she was living in a paint booth," so she called her sister to help her take the baby to the hospital.

Shawn Flynn told police she went along with her sister's story because she "panicked and knew it was wrong but wanted to protect her sister from going back to jail so she lied," the documents reveal.

The cause of the baby's death is still under investigation.

Workers at the gas station told police that the women parked near the back of the business, came in and asked for a lot of napkins, and then left. Surveillance video shows one of them appearing to be calm as they entered the store.

Pictures were released this week from the search of Flynn and Stevenson's home, a metal storage unit rented by the couple about three-and-a-half miles from the gas station.