Midlothian Police still have not identified a suspect over a month after the murder of a fitness instructor inside Creekside Baptist Church.

Terri “Missy” Bevers was killed inside the church in the early morning hours of April 18. In the weeks since the murder, Midlothian Police have received over 1,000 independent tips, assistant police chief Kevin Johnson said.

Earlier this month, police released new warrants targeting LinkedIn accounts and over seven weeks of phone records potentially connected to the murder. Several family members, friends and coworkers were named in the warrants.

Johnson on Friday said none of the people named in those warrants are suspects in the case. Family members each have “detailed alibis” that has been “corroborated through independent sources,” he said.

Police have previously said Bevers was targeted when she was killed at the church around 5 a.m. on April 18. Images of the alleged killer were captured on security cameras inside the church.

The suspect is seen wearing police tactical gear and walking through multiple rooms of the church with a particular gait. The suspect is believed to have used a pry bar to smash a window and enter through a side door.

Several agencies, including the FBI and Tarrant County investigators, have aided in the investigation.

“One month ago, I told you this investigation and the murder of Missy Bevers was weighing very heavily on our community and on our investigative team,” Johnson said Friday. “One month later, that weight is still very present.”

Bevers was laid to rest on April 23.