Note: This story has been updated throughout as police released more information and clarification.

A man who allegedly made "terroristic threats" at a hospital in Denton was arrested at the county courthouse there Wednesday morning.

Denton police say their first encounter with the suspect in the bizarre incident was Tuesday night. Peshwaz Azad Waise, 28, flagged down a police car on it's way to another call at the intersection of Interstate 35 and Fort Worth Ave.

Police say he was acting irrationally, but doing nothing illegal, so they went on their way.

But Wednesday morning, Waise was back on police radar after the manager at an IHOP on the University of North Texas campus reported him for acting suspiciously and trying to force the Quran on employees. UNT Police cited Waise for criminal trespass.

A short time later, around 8 a.m. Wednesday, police received a “suspicious person” call near Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in the 200 block of North Bonnie Brae Street. Waise entered the Women's Center at the hospital and made a terroristic threat, police said.

"He went inside and began insisting they take the [Quran] from him," read a press release from Denton Police. "He told them to give the Quran to the chaplain or chapel 'or die.'" An arrest warrant affidavit said Waise also claimed the hospital would "go down."

Waise then drove to the Denton County Courthouse just over three miles away and walked through security. Police obtained an arrest warrant for terroristic threats and took Waise to jail.

Defense attorney Philip Ray wrote on Twitter that a man was "hollering with a [Quran]” at the courthouse. Police later said no threat was made at the courthouse.

Witnesses say it was a troubling and tense morning at the courthouse.

"At that time, I could hear somebody being pulled out of the courthouse, screaming and yelling," Ray said. "I couldn't understand what he was saying, but it was at high volume."

Police say Waise tried to see a judge to give him or her a Quran. When officers went to detain him, he allegedly said, "I'm imposing the death penalty" on the officers who were dealing with him and "anybody who touches me is going to bleed."

A robot was being used to search the suspect's silver Nissan for explosives. The area around the vehicle was taped off.

"There was no mention of bombs in the car, we're just taking that extra step to make sure nothing is in there," a police spokesman said in a press conference late Wednesday morning.

The car was cleared just before noon.

"We just want to make sure everybody's safe," said Orlando Hinojosa with the Denton Police Department. "There was no mention of bombs in the car. We're just taking that extra step."

Police say Waise's American Passport indicates he was born in Iraq. His car has Virginia license plates. It's unknown what brought him to North Texas or if he has a criminal history.

UNT said Waise has never been a student at the university.

"People are realizing that this stuff is real, so we're not taking anything for granted," Hinojosa said.

A robot was deployed to search the suspect's vehicle for explosives
A robot was deployed to search the suspect's vehicle for explosives