A puppy worth over $2,800 was stolen from Petland Dallas Saturday evening, according to a store spokesman.

Matthew Graves, who works at the store, said a man took off with a 10-week-old Siberian Husky puppy. He said three people were involved in the Husky Heist: The man who walked out with the puppy, another man and a woman driving a getaway car.

Surveillance video shows a bearded man walking out the door – with the puppy in his arms – and running once he made it to the parking lot.

Mallorie Munoz, a witness at the store, told News 8 two store workers got in their car to chase the puppy thief around 7 p.m.

She said she briefly followed the suspect and returned to the store later in the evening to see if the puppy was found.

"A police officer informed me the puppy was still missing, but they had gotten the [license] plates of the man," Munoz said in a message to News 8.

Graves said the Husky is worth $2,850. He described the suspect as roughly 6-foot-2 and said the getaway car was a 1993 blue two-door Honda Civic. All three individuals involved were around the age of 20, he said.

The Husky is microchipped, Graves said, but that microchip is useless unless the dog is given to a shelter or clinic that has the necessary equipment to scan it.

Producer Amanda McNew contributed to this story.