FORT WORTH, Texas — Fort Worth police are investigating three separate shootings into homes or businesses on the city's north side, two of which happened Tuesday. 

Police are now urging people to keep a closer eye on who is in their neighborhood. 

Giovanna Gutierrez had just been in a bedroom of her home with her toddler when she heard the pop of gunfire.

"Every time I walk in that room I look and I think about it over and over — 'What if, what if,'" she said.

At noon on Tuesday, a bullet flew through a front window and lodged in the bedroom wall. Gutierrez's home on Chestnut Avenue is just across the street from the Northside Community Center where children play.

FWPD say earlier that day, another home on the north side was shot, also while people were inside. That incident happened on Prairie Avenue. Also Tuesday, police received a report of a business on Central Avenue in the city's north side that had been shot, though it was unclear when it happened.

"Our detectives are going full throttle looking into this and seeing what's going on," Officer Tracy Carter said.

Carter says at first blush, it doesn't appear these incidents are connected or involve the same suspects. But knowing these were likely random acts has police increasing patrols and giving this advice:

"We ask the public be vigilant, protect your neighbor," Carter said. "If you see someone out of the ordinary that doesn’t belong in your neighborhood, we ask you give us a call."

The city is about to invest $3 million in improving infrastructure and safety in this historic neighborhood.

But for Gutierrez, this was too close of a call.

"I'm definitely concerned," Gutierrez said. "I didn’t used to be, but now, definitely. Yeah I am."