FORT WORTH -- Neighbors say it wasn't unusual to see Jeremy and Kate Wiant in their Fort Worth front yard, playing with their 5-year-old girl.

But Sunday afternoon, that front yard and that little girl saw what neighbors are calling an unimaginable tragedy.

"For her to have seen everything, it’s just heartbreaking," says a neighbor, who wanted her name withheld. "Just thinking what she went through."

Police say a man, now identified by the medical examiner's office as Jeremy Wiant, shot his wife, Kate, twice in the living room before she ran outside to call 911. Her little girl was following behind her.

Police say eventually the child had to take over the 911 call, telling the operator her mom had been shot. At some point, police say, Jeremy than shot himself in the doorway of their home on the 2000 block of Castleview.

Kate Wiant's Facebook page.
Kate Wiant's Facebook page.

Both Jeremy and Kate died. The little girl, police say, was unharmed.

"Words can’t express how we feel right now," said John Veilleux, vice president of marketing and communications for Texas Wesleyan University.

Kate was a long-time librarian at the university. Veilleux said she been on staff for six years. He says she was known for her engaging personality and love for Harry Potter books.

John Veilleux
John Veilleux

Veilleux said the university's main concern right now is for Wiant's daughter.

"I think right now we’re just in a state of shock," he said. "Most of us are just learning about this this morning and today, and I think we’re just trying to come to grasp with what happened."

The university is offering grief counselors to staff and students.

Police say so far, motive is unclear. They'd never been called to the home before Sunday. Court documents do show Jeremy and Kate Wiant recently filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, citing between $100,000 and $500,000 in debt. $179,000 of that came from student loans, documents show.

"I couldn’t believe it. I was just heartbroken for the little girl, knowing she’s so little,” said the neighbor. “She was very loved.”

Others in the neighborhood say they've been sleepless since Sunday, knowing what the child is likely going through. A family member tells us she'll be with her grandparents as they all grieve.