FARMERSVILLE -- A Texas town of 4,500 people is gearing up to fight an enemy the police chief says is on the way.

"We haven't had a huge problem with that here, but I don't want one," Chief Mike Sullivan said.

He's talking about porch pirates.

You've seen the videos. One was released just last week by a homeowner on Vinewood in Dallas, showing a man grabbing a package right off her front steps.

"It aggravates me big time. I wish there was a better way of fixing the problem instead of just taking a video of them," Farmersville resident Carter Porter said. "They just get away with it and they know there's something in that package worth having."

The police chief calls these crimes of opportunities -- an opportunity that can take the nicest person and turn them naughty.

Here's the chief's solution: This holiday season, residents can send their online orders directly to the police station. They'll even store them in the interview room for you.

We were there as the first few deliveries started to trickle in.

"That particular crime is growing and I don't want it to come here, and if we can provide this service to eliminate someone getting their package stolen, that would be a good thing," Sullivan said.

It's good news for small business owner Angie Bledsoe.

"We're out that money because we purchased something and it's taken," Bledsoe said.

She's had two packages disappear but says she never filed a police report.

"A lot of times we've placed orders for our customers and they're waiting on a particular top or necklace or whatever that may be... and we don't have it and we can't give them an answer of when it will be here because we don't know what happened to it," Bledsoe said.

Bledsoe learned her lesson and the chief hopes you will too. At least in this small Texas town they're willing to help.

"It's not the government's job to be a UPS service. It's the government's job to do service for the public and I agree with it," Porter said.

It's a public service that they hope will keep the porch pirates at bay.