Though she lives in Missouri, Megan Lewis has religiously scoured the internet for updates in the case of a Texas man accused of raping and murdering two women, just days apart in Fort Worth and near Dallas.

For the 23-year-old woman, it’s more than just a casual curiosity. This case hits close to home.

At the University of Arkansas, Lewis had been a sorority sister and later roommate to one of the victims, Molly Matheson. The two women were still living together when Matheson met and began dating her alleged killer, Reginald Kimbro.

Lewis, in fact, would later date Kimbro herself.

Though they later broke up, Lewis says the two still talked frequently. She would come to realize that they had even talked by phone in the hours before and after Matheson had been killed.

Lewis has watched in shock as the horrific accusations continue to stack up against Kimbro:

  • Tuesday’s indictment by a Collin County grand jury on a sexual assault charge that he raped a woman at a party in Allen in January 2014.
  • Two capital murder charges, one in connection with Matheson’s death and the other in the death of Megan Getrum, a Plano woman killed less than two weeks later.
  • Allegations that he raped two women — one in Plano in 2012 and another in South Padre Island in 2014 — but was never prosecuted.

“I’ve never seen that side of him. It’s like a double life. Two different people,” Lewis said in a recent telephone interview with the Star-Telegram.

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