FORT WORTH -- Police carried out evidence and wrapped police tape around the home where the 36-year-old Shanna Vandewege and her infant son Diederik were found dead Thursday night.

Police confirmed they were investigating the deaths as homicides. According to Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office, both died from an "incised wound" to the neck.

"This is the first time I've even seen cops at the house," says Bradly DaLuz, who lives across the street.

Vandewege's Facebook page shows her and her husband Craig smiling with their little boy.

"They tried so long to have a baby. She had three miscarriages prior to having one," says Mark Riddle, Shanna's father.

Riddle spoke to News 8 by phone from Colorado Friday. He was stunned by the tragedy that has struck his family. He says Craig discovered the bodies Thursday night when he came home from work.

"To the best I understand, he walked in, the house was all in disorder and walked in and found them both," RIddle says.

The medical examiner's office says the bodies were found in a bed.

"It's puzzling what happened," says neighbor Eric Tivnan. He and other neighbors are trying to figure out if they, too, should be concerned for their safety. Police did not say whether it appeared to be a home invasion. Late Friday afternoon, the medical examiner announced the baby's cause of death was an incised wound of the neck.

"I wouldn’t have expected it here, lets put it that way," says neighbor DaLuz.

The Vandewege family had only moved to Fort Worth from Colorado earlier this year, and by all accounts were a loving couple. Riddle says Shanna was a registered nurse and Craig works at Costco. Police say they interviewed Craig, who was cooperative. Police went on later Friday to say they were not looking at one specific person as a suspect, and that they hadn't ruled anyone out.

All of it has left the family devastated and dumbfounded.

"A new mother, a three-month-old baby... why? Why kill them? There's no reason," Riddle says.