DALLAS -- Dallas police have arrested a 27-year-old man for a violent attack on a woman early Sunday morning as she shopped inside a local 7-11 store.

Laura Ostteen took a hit so hard that it hurts to see. All because of a 5 a.m. run for milk at her local 7-11 at the intersection of Columbia and Carroll avenues in Dallas.

Dallas police say it started when Juan Carlos Padilla entered the store.

"He walks in and starts asking the guy in front of me for something," Ostteen said.

The suspect demanded money, and the other customer and Ostteen both said "no."

"He kept getting closer to me and I went into panic mode and I said, 'Get away from me,'" Ostteen said. "I'm looking over to do the transaction with the cashier and he punches me in the eye and nose area."

Bloodied from a broken nose, Ostteen hit the floor of the store. A friend outside flagged down a passing Dallas police officer, who arrested Padilla, adding a sixth assault charge to his criminal history in Dallas County.

For Ostteen, this crime is personal, but she's one of a growing number of victims of aggravated assaults in Dallas.

Members of the Dallas City Council learned Monday that attacks like hers are up 17.68 percent from this time last year. Murder is up 24.71 percent and individual robbery is up 10.80 percent. In total, from January 1 to August 17, there have been 6,030 reports of violent crime. All of these calls are happening as the Dallas Police Department is answering more of them with fewer officers.

So how can we prevent what happened to Ostteen when resources are tight? She believes businesses should take responsibility, which she says the cashier's in her case didn't do.

"They said that he had been around before," Ostteen said. "Why didn't they say anything to him when he came in and was bothering me the other customer?"

She feels that could keep other customers from having to heal, like her.