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Police say the southern Dallas property that hosted the deadly concert shooting had been previously used to scrap parts from stolen cars

As police continue to look into the trail ride and concert shooting that injured 15 and killed one, their investigation includes looking into the property's history
Credit: Dallas PD
Dallas Police say the southern Dallas property located at 5050 Cleveland Road where a concert turned into a fatal mass shooting had been previously used as a chop shop.

DALLAS — Dallas Police said part of their investigation into Saturday night's mass shooting in southern Dallas involves looking into the owners of the property where the unpermitted event at its center was held.

Police also say Saturday's deadly trail ride and concert -- which left 15 people injured and one dead --  wasn't the first time they responded to calls at the southern Dallas property.

In August, Dallas Police raided the property located at 5050 Cleveland Road as part of a raid in which officers confiscated 22 stolen vehicles and a machine that was being used to crush them. Detectives said they believe the scrap from these cars was being sold for cash. 

Police did not make an arrest in the wake of that raid, but said they did have a suspect.

Police also noted that the property where the mass shooting took place is owned by St. John's Missionary Baptist in Dallas, a church pastored by Bertrain Bailey.

That church is now also part of DPD's investigation into the Saturday night shooting. Sources say the church allowed for the use of the property for the party, which was held by promoters who did not have a permit to host an event on this scale, which witnesses said attracted as many as 2,000 attendees.

"We will be discussing this with city attorneys, for both the promoter and land owner, to see what avenues we can take," Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said at a Monday press conference. "But, absolutely, we are going to be looking to see what individuals we can hold responsible."

Nearby residents who live out here near 5050 Cleveland Road say there's a party on the property -- and subsequent problems -- almost every weekend. 

One of them talked to WFAA but asked we not reveal his name.

"A lot of people around here have been calling [the police]," the resident said. "But it's nothing they do [when it's] year after year, month after month [of the] same thing."

The nearby resident also says the property saw an increase in activity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic's spread.

"During the pandemic, it took a lot of people way from the nightclubs," he said. "So, here's a night club on the streets. It's not a pretty look for the church... now a casualty came up. Let's see what the church is going to do now." 

WFAA reached out to Pastor Bailey for comment, but he did not respond to our text messages. 

Meanwhile, Dallas Police has asked anyone who attended the party and captured video on its grounds to contact them. Police are still trying to determine who shot into the crowd, wounding 15 people and killing a 26-year-old man.

Officials with the department also said they are working with city leaders to strengthen or change city code on permitting, as well as looking into the possibility of conducting background checks on promoters who host events require permits.

Police are also conducting a separate internal affairs investigation into officers who were working off-duty at the property as event security and then left before the shooting happened. 

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