The Dallas Police Department and Medical Examiner’s office exhumed the body of an elderly woman they believe may have been killed by alleged serial killer Billy Chemirmir, WFAA has learned from multiple sources.

According to multiple sources, Dallas police and the Medical Examiner took the body out of a mausoleum at Restland Cemetery. The victim’s family was there.

The M.E. did an autopsy and then placed her body back in the mausoleum.

Sources say the victim's jewelry was pawned a few days after her death and that's why they believe her case may be connected.

Chemirmir was arrested in March in the murder of an 81-year-old Dallas woman. Police believe she was suffocated with a pillow and her jewelry stolen.

He's also been indicted for a case in Frisco, where police say tried to suffocate another woman and also took her jewelry.

Police in four cities, including Dallas, have been looking at hundreds of cases of elderly women who died of unknown causes.

Sources say Dallas police have also been looking to see if jewelry was missing in those cases and have been checking pawn shops and places that buy gold to see if Chemirmir may be connected.

Dallas police continue to review more cases.

They believe Chemirmir may have been doing this for years while working or posing as a home health care nurse or a maintenance worker.