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Alleged serial rapist arrested a second time after being released hours following initial arrest

Christopher Michael Green was arrested after the FBI connected him through DNA to a Dallas rape victim from 2005. Officials now suspect him in multiple rape cases.

DALLAS — Note: The following information shares graphic details that some may find disturbing.

Since 2005, Dallas Police and the FBI have been in search of a suspect who dragged a woman off a bus and raped her in a nearby field.

On Saturday, March 18, a development was made: 14 years later, police arrested Christopher Michael Green for aggravated sexual assault after police said they got a DNA match.

According to an arrest affidavit, Green attacked his victim on July 6, 2005. WFAA does not identify sexual assault victims.  

The victim told police Green “was very strong and threw her around like a doll.”

She said Green then “produced a knife and slashed and stabbed her in the back… grabbed her by her hair and began to slam her head on the ground to render her unconscious.”

The victim said Green held a knife to her throat and she said she thought she was going to die. The victim said he then forced her to perform a sexual act.

She was able to get away and flagged down a motorist to help her.

Police were able to get DNA after the victim went to Parkland Hospital for an exam.

But the DNA didn’t match anyone in databases -- until, court records show, the FBI got a hit earlier this month.

It led them to Green.

Police said the victim also identified Green in a photo lineup. According to court documents, his DNA matches at least four other cases. But sources say he’s suspected of more.

After Green was arrested, Dallas Police asked that he be given a high bond and, if released, be placed on an ankle monitor.

But according to court records, a jail magistrate set his bond at $25,000 and did not require an ankle monitor if he were to be released on bond.

Jail records show Green bonded out 16 hours after his arrest. 

Police, concerned that he is a risk to public safety, wanted him back in jail.

Green has since been arrested again -- now for an alleged sexual assault case from Nov. 2009. 

According to an arrest warrant, the victim said she was walking back from a store after realizing it was closed for the night. Green called to her from his vehicle and offered to drive her to another store.

The victim said Green instead drove her to an unknown apartment complex and locked her inside of his vehicle. He allegedly threatened to shoot her if she didn't comply to his demands.

Green then forced her into sexual acts before taking her to nearby convenience store, according to the warrant. He allegedly told the victim that he would wait for her outside of the store, but she asked a clerk to call 911 for her.

The warrant said Green fled the scene before police arrived. The victim was taken to Parkland Hospital for an exam.

On March 21, 2023, the victim went to Dallas Police Headquarters and identified Green in a photo lineup. The warrant stated that she "became overwhelmed with emotion" when she identified him.

Court documents said Green was booked into jail on March 21 and is currently being held on a $500,000 bond. 

The arrest warrant said Green is now suspected of multiple sexual assault offenses from 1999 to 2012.

He is accused of committing 10 of those offenses in the City of Dallas alone.

Note: The video below was uploaded before Green's second arrest

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