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Dallas activist Dominique Alexander indicted on family violence charge

Alexander is also under indictment on a felony theft charge in a separate case out of Denton County.
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Dallas activist Dominique Alexander was indicted Monday on a felony assault charge in a domestic violence case involving his girlfriend, Dallas County court records show.

Alexander, 30, was arrested in April after his girlfriend, Keyaira D. Saunders, accused him of pushing, choking and head-butting her during several altercations, according to police records.

"It was a very scary thing to be able to speak out on the things that I have been experiencing," Saunders said during a press conference outside Dallas City Hall shortly after Alexander's arrest.

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But on Nov. 1, one week before his indictment on a charge of continuous violence against the family, Saunders asked the grand jury to return a no bill.

"I want no part of this prosecution," she said. "I will not testify."

While Saunders previously reported to police that Alexander shoved her on April 10, breaking one of her toes, in the signed affidavit she said she sprained her toe when she stubbed it on a piece of furniture.

Saunders accused local activist Jeff Hood, who met her at the hospital that day and then drove her to the police station, of taking advantage of her during an emotional time.

She said during the days that led up to her filing the complaint against Alexander that she was in the "final stretches" of her campaign for Dallas City Council and had been working closely with Alexander, the father of her two children.

 "My partner, Dominique and I found that the stress brought out the absolute worst in our relationship," she said. 

"He was impatient and antsy," she continued. "I was fatalistic and quick to cry... He had yelled at me, gotten up into my face, and put his hands on me," she said. 

However, she said he didn't cause her "physical pain."

Saunders claims the case against Alexander "is a way for [police] to get back at Dominique for all his pubic criticism of the department." 

"Jeff Hood seemed to only care about hurting Dominque too," she said.

After Saunders filed the complaint against Alexander back in April, Hood said he remained friends with the fellow activist but said he "obviously has anger issues that he needs to get help with."

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In 2011, Alexander was convicted of shaking a 2-year-old child.

He's also currently under indictment on a felony theft charge in a separate case out of Denton County.

Alexander was previously convicted of theft, making a false report and evading arrest. 

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