CROWLEY, Texas -- Police in Crowley say they believe a teenager killed his adoptive parents in their home before barricading himself in a room and forcing a SWAT standoff for almost 12 hours.

Crowley officers found the bodies of Troy Brewer, 60, and Mary Brewer, 63, inside their home in the 800 block of Buffalo Court Tuesday evening.

Footsteps were heard upstairs, and the SWAT team was called in. Police say the couple's son, Carl Brewer, 17, had barricaded himself inside the home, and refused to speak with police. The standoff between Brewer and officers lasted until about 7 a.m. Wednesday.


Tear gas was eventually used and the suspect surrendered. He has been charged with two counts of murder and is being held on a $200,000 bond. Police believe he killed his parents sometime between 6:30 Monday night and 4:35 Tuesday evening, according to a search warrant.

The investigation began Tuesday when police say an anonymous caller used a gas station pay phone to call police and tell them he and Carl Brewer were smoking marijuana together when Carl confessed to killing his parents.

Police went to the home and couldn’t make contact with anyone, but didn't find anything disturbing, so they filed a report and left, said police.

When the night shift officers came into work, they decided to investigate further and went back to the home. They couldn't make contact with the Brewers, and smelled the "odor of death" coming from the house, said Lt. Robert Gray.

Police found a white sheet covering the glass of the front door, pulled it down, and noticed signs of a struggle, including dirt and a fallen plant, according to a search warrant.


Then police went into the home and found the bodies of Troy and Mary Brewer.

Troy's body was in the master bedroom, police said. Mary's body was found in the living room area inside a trash receptacle.

The medical examiner ruled that both victims had been shot multiple times. The search warrant said police they were looking for two guns inside the home that had previously been reported stolen.

Since 2010, Crowley police had been called to the home 16 times, CPD said. They said Carl had been arrested earlier this year after leading police on a chase. Any juvenile record is not public.

Troy was a pilot with American Airlines.

“We are deeply saddened by the death of Troy Brewer, an American Airlines pilot, and we are focused on caring for his family and colleagues during this difficult time,” the airline said in a statement.


Police say the couple had adopted Carl and his two brothers from Russia. Carl was the youngest.

Pastor C.B. Glidden with the Nazarene Christian Academy said he was shocked to hear the news.

"Through social media, [we heard] about the tragedy that happened," he said.

Glidden said Carl attended the academy from 2012 to 2014. He says he and one brother were eventually dismissed because of ongoing behavioral issues.

"They did have outbursts from time to time from what the boys experienced before adoption in Russia," he said. "That seemed to really impact the choices they made here. This just wasn't the right place for them."

Neighbors were evacuated during the standoff overnight. They recalled door knocks after midnight from SWAT officers who loaded them onto vehicles and drove them out of the area.

"It scared my girls to death," said Johnny Griffin, who lives next door and says he knows the Brewers. "Here you are with SWAT, rifles and everything, saying, 'You have to leave.'"

Some neighbors spent the night at a local recreation center. They weren't allowed back on their street until 7 a.m. Wednesday. Several said that they weren't surprised by the news because there had been trouble at the home before.

"Seen the police over here several times. You kind of figure anything can happen over there." said Griffin. "They were over there quite a bit."

The motive behind the murders is still under investigation, and police reiterated Thursday that this was an isolated family incident and that the public isn't in any danger.

WFAA's Bradley Blackburn, Todd Unger and Jordan Armstrong contributed to this report.