A Fort Worth family says staying calm helped them survive a frightening armed robbery in their home overnight.

"You just see two men beside your bed, and then you automatically go into, 'What's the next thing I can do to make this better,'" said Cynthia Prostok.

Prostok and her husband Jeffrey, a prominent Fort Worth attorney, were woken up at 3:45 Wednesday morning in their home on Riverbend Drive in an upscale neighborhood near TCU. They were asleep when two men entered their bedroom with guns. Prostock said one man was waving a weapon, and they demanded money.

"One of them was nice, one of them wasn't. Threatened to shoot us several times, [threatened to shoot] my dog," she said. "The one who was nicer always told us, 'We don't want to hurt you, we just want money.'"

Prostok said the men rifled through their bedroom, stealing some jewelry off a nightstand. The couple offered electronics and cars, but the robbers only wanted cash. They took what was in the home, and then one robber forced Jeffrey Prostok to drive to a nearby ATM in the family car and withdraw thousands more.

"$4000 in cash and a little bit of jewelry," said Cynthia.

She stayed behind at home with the other robber, who sat with her at the kitchen table. Neither wore a mask or gloves, and she said they were oddly nice, giving details about their lives and agreeing not to disturb the couple's 17-year-old daughter who slept through the ordeal.

Prostok believes the men were in their late teens or early 20s.

"One was two years younger than the other, because they told us," she said. "I"m telling you, I talked to this kid for a while."

The Prostoks are now working with Fort Worth Police. They want the men off the streets, but Cynthia said she feels sorry for the robbers.

"I think crime is so strongly influenced by poverty, and I think this is an example of that," she said. "We're very lucky, you know. It could have ended up much worse for us."