Dallas County Commissioner Mike Cantrell did something this morning he called "difficult" and "unfortunate." He found himself on the witness stand in federal court testifying against his long-time colleague Commissioner John Wiley Price.

“It’s very difficult,” Cantrell said as he left the federal courthouse Wednesday. “Nobody wants to come down and do this. And it’s very unfortunate. I’m just going to be glad when the cloud is removed from Dallas County.”

Price is on trial, accused of bribery and mail fraud, in connection with an alleged scheme to rig bids in exchange for nearly a million dollars in cash, land and cars.

Cantrell responded to evidence showing Price leaked insider bid information to prospective county vendors. Prosecutors also showed Cantrell payments from those same vendors that first went to lobbyist Kathy Nealy, then flowed through to Price.

Cantrell said he was surprised by the payments and testified if he had known about them, he would have reported them to the district attorney.

The trial is in its fourth week. If Price is found guilty he could spend up to 30 years, essentially the rest of his life, in prison.