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Coach Mike Hickmon's family and friends want former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib arrested

While Hickmon's family wants Aqib Talib arrested, community advocates want more safety measures at youth sporting events.

LANCASTER, Texas — Coach Mike Hickmon was loved, respected and wanted to be a positive role model. His best friends are talking for the first time.

"You know we lost a great man that wanted to do good in the world,” said Lawrence Ellis, Hickmon’s friend.

His friends say they want everyone involved in the fight before Coach Hickmon’s murder also held accountable, including charges against former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib.

"I honestly believe everyone that was attacking him should be at fault and held accountable,” said Calvin Smith McKinney, Hickmon’s friend.

In a video obtained by WFAA, you can see Talib walk across the field to the other sideline after the other team scores a touchdown.

Witnesses say he confronted the referees and Coach Hickmon.

Multiple witnesses have told WFAA it’s Aqib who escalated the situation.

"He threw the first punch and you see Mike trying to defend himself,” said Smith McKinney.

Police say Aqib’s brother Yaqub Talib fired multiple shots killing Hickmon in front of children and parents.

"After seeing the video and how he was being pursued, I just don’t see how only one person can be charged in the matter,” said Ellis.

WFAA has learned this video has now been turned over to police and more witnesses are being interviewed. Aqib Talib’s lawyer told WFAA he is distraught over the shooting and sends condolences to the family.

Meanwhile, community leaders with Urban Specialists and other groups held a news conference demanding more safety measures at youth sporting events.

"No guns, no drugs, no smoking and no alcohol,” said Terrance Randolph with Urban Specialists.

They say they want bags checked, more off-duty police officers working the games and for people to speak out when they see something.

"We are also going to say to those who commit violence in the areas where children are at we will call I n and make sure police arrest you,” said Tabatha Wheeler with Urban Specialists.

They also want youth athletic leagues to provide conflict resolution programs for parents, coaches and athletes.

“So many kids that were at the event Saturday witnessed something they will never be able to unsee and could have been resolved if the adults knew how to resolve conflict,” said Tim Jackson with Real Youth Mentoring.

Community advocates said adults have to be the example and teach children the value of others.

"It all comes down to respect if we don’t respect each other it won’t happen. We are killing each other behind nothing,” said Randolph.

Community advocates and Coach Hickmon’s family and friends say his life won’t be in vain and that they will demand justice but also changes that will make it safer for kids who just want to play ball.

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