DALLAS —Dallas Police Chief Rene Hall is close to rolling out an initiative that would let businesses hook up a security camera feed directly to the department’s Fusion Center.

The initiative, titled Project Green Light, is already in place in Detroit, Michigan, where Hall formerly worked as the deputy police chief.

The details surrounding Project Green Light are simple -- businesses partner with DPD and pay them to install HD cameras that link up with the Fusion Center, so investigators can monitor feeds in real time. If a crime happens, the department can see it, better its response time, and have good suspect information by the time they arrive.

Chief Hall told WFAA Tuesday that she would like to start Project Green Light as a pilot program within the next few months, but hopes it can eventually be available to all Dallas businesses.

And the price isn’t unreasonable.

According to city council memos, businesses would pay at most $2,100 to participate in Project Green Light.

That amount ultimately depends on the number of cameras a business needs, plus video storage. If a business already has an HD system, the cost may be less.

Included in the total is the cost of a sign that businesses would have to display, advertising that they’re participating in Project Green Light.

Councilman Kevin Felder said he has high hopes if the initiative worked in Detroit.

“I trust what Chief Hall says, and I think we need to try some new innovative approaches anyway,” Felder said. “We need to be on the cutting edge to reduce and eliminate crime.”

Dwight Harvey, the owner of “Off the Bone Barbecue,” already has 12 cameras around his business. He said he wouldn’t mind paying to be involved in Project Green Light.

“I would consider it, just for the security,” Harvey said. “I think it could help a lot of small businesses.”

Felder represents District 7 in South Dallas. If a business in his area couldn’t afford to get involved, he said he would ask the City to help.

“The mayor has plenty of money in his GrowSouth fund, and I think if we find businesses that can’t afford it or need a subsidy -- we have a source to go to,” he said.

Chief Hall said Tuesday that the department was already making changes to the Fusion Center for the project, and that it would cost an estimated $25,000 for the department to get the initiative up and running.