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Burglars ransack youth wrestling gym in Oak Cliff

Owner Ruben Serna says unknown burglars stole weights, gym equipment and students' shoes, among other items.

DALLAS — It has been a rough week for the owner and athletes at Moya Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Oak Cliff. 

Burglars forced their way into the gym early Monday morning.

Owner Ruben Serna said when he arrived at the gym, located on the 2100 block of South Cockrell Hill Road, he noticed the windows shattered. 

The business was ransacked and a lot of the equipment was stolen.

“They grabbed what they could," Serna said. "They stole a lot of our weights."

Staff told Dallas police the thieves took dumbbells and fitness and wrestling equipment. They also rummaged through students’ lockers.

Serna took photos of the damage and posted it to social media.

Credit: Ruben Serna / Facebook
Break-in at Oak Cliff gym

"If you guys see this on Facebook, and you see someone selling this, you let me know. They stole a lot of our kids' shoes. They stole our TV," he warned. 

The thieves also took energy drinks from the gym’s refrigerator.

"We’re in the community,” Serna said. “We’re serving the community. We’re doing this for everyone in the community. Why would someone from the community do this?"

As police investigate the burglary, the coach is left wrestling with forgiveness over the senseless crime.

“It’s irritating right now,” Serna said. “What I have to say to them is, 'Man, it’s not that hard to go apply for a job. It’s not that hard to get your life together. There’s plenty of resources out there and find a way to make your situation better.'"

Serna says he and his team are still taking inventory of items that were stolen. He’s had to modify some of his classes due to the burglary. 

He’s asking anyone with information about the crime to call Dallas police.

A GoFundMe was posted by Serna to raise money to repair damages and restock stolen property. 

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