McKINNEY -- Collin College Campus Police and the Texas Rangers are investigating after a political sign lined with razor blades was found at a polling site.

In pictures sent to News 8 from the college, it shows a Donald Trump sign with the bottom portion of the sign lined with blades that are glued together.

"Tampering a sign in this way... I have not seen that before," said Bruce Sherbet, the Collin County elections administrator.

Bruce Sherbet

Sherbet got a call on the matter Tuesday morning. The college confirmed to News 8 that the sign was found at the Spring Creek campus, where there is a polling site.

The college says a poll worker noticed the sign blocking the official polling site sign. A friend of that poll worker tried to re-position it and ended up getting minor cuts to the hand in the process.

"I'm not even sure what the motivation to do something like that would be," Sherbet said.

A photo of the poll workers hand after suffering cuts while trying to move the sign.

He says the signs are only allowed outside of the distance markers from the polling site. He says what happens in that area is outside of their jurisdiction, and it rests with the policing agency.

Sherbet says he has full confidence a proper investigation will be done in the matter. In the meantime, he is reminding poll workers and the public to always report it when something seems out of the ordinary.

"When I see something like that, it makes me sad. It makes me sad for the person who did that because [the elections are a] positive thing," said Ann Lieber, who was disgusted by the pictures.

There's some gray-area as to what the crime is here. Experts tell News 8 that tampering is a very likely violation and one legal expert says possibly even criminal mischief.

A closer look at the blades glued to the sign.

The following statement was sent to News 8 on Tuesday evening from Collin College:

Today, as a friend dropped off an election worker at approximately 6:15 a.m. at the Spring Creek Campus in Plano, they noticed a campaign sign for Donald Trump blocking the official polling site sign. The friend stopped to help re-position the sign to the correct location as he exited the campus, and box-cutter blades attached to the sign cut his hands. The cuts were minor, so the individual chose to treat the cuts himself and not seek medical attention.

The safety of our campus is of the utmost importance, so the incident was reported to the campus police and the Texas Rangers for investigation. All campaign signs on the college’s campuses are being inspected, and any sharps found on signage will be removed. The college will be working with local election officials and both political parties to ensure safety.

Lisa Vasquez
Public Relations, Collin College