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Bangor man's car vandalized with racial slurs, auto detailing shop steps in

Tahmoor Khan says this hate crime just reinforces that racism is alive and well in our communities.

BANGOR, Maine — It's Friday night. Tahmoor Khan and his family are inside their house relaxing.

His next-door neighbor ordered food delivery around 10 p.m., and when he came out he saw two people spray-painting Khan's car.

"He heard and smelled spray cans, spray paint, these individuals laughing arrogantly, writing this heinous words on my vehicle, committing such a horrible, horrible, horrific crime," said Khan. "He flashed a light on the individuals and they just ran off after that."

Khan said he called the Bangor Police Dept. immediately, they took the information down and told Khan and his family they were going to go search the area.

"About 45 minutes later they had one person in custody from what I understand," said Khan.

Khan says this hate crime happened right outside his own "safe space," his home.

"I have my family inside, my mother, my father, my uncle, my two sisters, and one of my sister is 11 years old, she looks at that and her face went completely pace," said Khan.

Khan says it just reinforces that racism is still alive and well in our communities. 

"There is people out there who look like me who don't have voices, and they need to be heard, just like everybody else. It's not okay," expressed Khan. "Take some time to internalize your complicit bias, take some time to do some work yourself as people in this community, racism is alive and well, racism is real," said Khan. "My fellow black, indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA go through this every single day, this is our reality."

He says racism, prejudice, hate crimes and oppression, are all in our communities.

"We need to not only eradicate this on a macro level but if we don't start doing this on a micro-level, nothing will change," he said.

Tahmoor posted the pictures on Facebook. Dustin Woods, who owns Darkside Mobile Auto Detailing in Hermon knew he could help.

"It was heartbreaking to us and we figured we could bring back some kindness to the community, and be able to help take care of his vehicle for him since that's what we do for business," said Woods.

Woods says the damage would have cost Kahn about $250, but he cleaned it up as best as he could, for free.

"I know if it was me I'd want anybody to help me in any way they possibly could," said Woods.

"It was overwhelming, I felt a sense of acceptance and being validated. We go through hard times but it's ok the community is with you," said Khan.

Sunday afternoon Sgt. Wade Betters with the Bangor Police Department told NEWS CENTER Maine officers had charged two juveniles in connection to the crime. Betters says the investigation is ongoing and a statement will come out on Monday. 

Credit: City of Bangor

"Talk to your reps, talk to your fellow colleagues, talk to your students, talk to your friends, family, make sure that you are being listened to about the concept of race, it's a real thing, it's 2021 and we still have mass shootings, we still have hate crimes, we still have oppression, I mean take a look...it just happened Friday, right here in Bangor Maine," said Khan.

Tahmoor tells NEWS CENTER Maine he is saving money to re-paint his car. He shared that this is not the first time him and his family have been targeted. 

Right after 9/11, Tahmoor tells a man stood outside his family's restaurant ready to target them. 

"There was a man who had a full trunk of weapons in his arsenal and just was waiting for us to come out of our restaurants for him to make his move, that's a trauma I still deal with today,' he said. 

Posted by Tahmoor Khan on Saturday, August 21, 2021

Khan says in both instances the community has united and come together to support the Khan family. 

"This community has made us feel accepted and they have made us feel welcomed, racism is real but this is my home and I love it, and I will do everything I can to protect people from hate," he said.