ARLINGTON, Texas -- The guys who run the Tire King on East Abram in Arlington had to move swiftly Monday night. They were hurrying to get help for a man who drove up, jumped out of his truck and fell to the ground. He told them he'd just been shot.

"He was holding his stomach on the side, and he said he got shot twice," said Abdul Badran, who called 911.

Police say moments earlier, the victim, who is a man in his 20s, had been across the street at Meadowbrook Park. He was there to meet up with two men to sell them a Playstation 4 through the app "Offer Up" when things went wrong.

"They agree to meet at this park. You think, 'Okay, it’s a city park, it's going to be fine,'" said Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook, "and all of the sudden you have a gun in your face."

Lt. Cook said the victim complied. He gave the suspects the Playstation and his cell phone yet he was shot anyway, twice in the abdomen, as the suspects ran off. Police said the victim had to undergo surgery.

"He's very lucky to probably be alive, quite honestly," Cook says.

The suspected shooter, 18-year-old Bryan Arriaga, seen grinning in his mugshot, has been charged with attempted capital murder. His brother, 20-year-old Steven Arriaga, is charged with aggravated robbery.

This is not the first time someone's been shot in Arlington while trying to sell something through an app. Last year, police say mother April VanCleave died after potential sellers she met on "5Miles" followed her home from their meeting place and shot her.

Arlington Police said if you’re planning on using apps to buy or sell items this holiday season or beyond, they encourage you to use their parking lot or better yet, their lobby to do so. There are cameras and officers available there.

The victim in this case remains hospitalized. His sister is relieved the suspects have been caught, but said she's sad it happened in the first place.