UPDATE: Attorney Statement re: Craig Vandewege

“Attorney Steve Gordon of Steve Gordon & Associates in Fort Worth, Texas has travelled to Colorado to meet with our client to discuss extradition issues. Meanwhile, we have begun our own independent investigation into the deaths of Shanna and Diederik. Their funerals will take place this coming Tuesday. Now, we respectfully request that everyone interested in this matter, please allow the families time and space to privately grieve during this especially difficult time for these families also observing Christmas and Hanukkah.” Attorney Leslie Barrows of The Barrows Firm in Fort Worth, Texas.

FORT WORTH -- A co-worker of a man accused of slashing the necks of his wife and 3-month-old son told police that the suspect had talked recently about taking a new medication that makes him hear voices that tells him to kill people, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

The co-worker told investigators that Craig Vandewege wished he could kill his then-pregnant wife by pushing her down the stairs.

A few days before Shanna Vandewege and their infant son, Diederik, were found dead in the family’s north Fort Worth home, he also recounted a dream in which he “sliced the heads of his wife and father like bologna,” the co-worker told police.

Vandewege was arrested Wednesday night by police in Glenwood Springs, Colo. for allegedly speeding and failing to show proof of insurance. His arrest came after a man called 911, reporting that Vandewege had said he was running from the law and had asked to borrow his phone to call some people and talk about a murder.

Thursday afternoon, before he could bond out of jail, Fort Worth detectives obtained a capital murder warrant for Vandewege, accusing him in the deaths of his wife and child. According to the arrest warrant affidavit obtained by the Star-Telegram, Vandewege told a witness prior to his arrest in Colorado that the government was trying to conspire against him by saying that he had killed his family.

“Craig Vandewege said he was headed to Las Vegas to see Donald Trump to work it out with him,” homicide Detective Matt Barron wrote in an arrest warrant affidavit.

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