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Activists questioning why man is out on bond after police say he shot two people in two months

Mark Jabben was arrested this month after police say he shot his girlfriend in the shoulder

FORT WORTH, Texas — Talydia Adams still struggles to talk about her fiancé's death two months later.

"It's scary. And it's not right," Adams said Friday.

Kevin Battle was shot and killed by his neighbor Mark Jabben in what Fort Worth police say was self-defense. The neighbors had been arguing for more than a week, police said. 

Jabben was not charged in the incident.

"We are very concerned about what is happening in this community," said activist Donnell Ballard.

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Seven weeks after that shooting, Jabben was arrested, but for another shooting. Police say he shot his girlfriend in her shoulder at an east Fort Worth apartment. According to police, he told them it was an accident, but the victim said otherwise.

He was locked up, but is already out; his bond was just $4,000.

"I'm afraid now," Adams said. "I'm afraid because I didn't know he was out, that he'd been released."

Adams and community activists gathered Friday to question why the bond was so low in the second case, and to again ask for charges to be brought in the first case. They feel race is playing a role.

"Had that been me, we would've had a high bond right now," said Waymond Brown, an activist with The Brotherhood.

The magistrate just who set the bond said ethically he couldn't comment on a pending case. The district attorney said the same.

"I believe he's a threat to this community, he's a threat to the public. He should be in jail again," Ballard said.

Attorney Kim Cole, who represents the Battle family, said Friday in a statement: "The family of Kevin Battle deserves justice.  Mark Jabben deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  He is a violent predator."

Jabben declined an interview request when he was in jail.