FORT WORTH Fort Worth police are looking for four men who are suspects in a violent robbery and murder.

Three young men were shot last week during that break-in; one of them has died.

Detectives say they have identified three of the suspects: James Arthur Jones, Nathaniel Redic and Marquise Rashad Brooks.

One of the victims, 25-year-old Kevan Dunlop, had a promising future. His family said he was headed to law school soon, and the gunman took away all of the good he would have done with his life.

He was our gift, our gift from God, and he was just taken away, said Patricia Dunlop, his mother.

She and husband Howard Dunlop will never see their son realize the hope and promise they instilled in him.

In a family of scholars and educators, Kevan was the most recent graduate of Tuskegee University with a goal of joining the family law firm of Dunlop, Dunlop and Dunlop.

You do things the right way, and you help other people and something like this happens to your kid, Howard Dunlop said. I don't have any answers right now.

Kevan Dunlop was shot in the back while hiding in a closet at an apartment complex. Police said four suspects armed with guns broke in and shot three people.

The Dunlop family said Kevan was playing video games with old friends.

Former teacher Mary Alice Ward has no doubt Kevan was there because his childhood friends were friends for life.

Kevan was the type of person who would look at you and see the good in you, she said. He would go with the good.

Kevan was a counselor and mentor and a volunteer at Hope Farm, where last spring Michael Morris watched him speak to young children about the the importance of faith and an education.

I am sure that just the time that Kevan spent with our boys and the time his dad spent with our boys will have a lasting impact on the boys that we work with, Morris said.

The Dunlops know they raised their son the right way, with solid values. But they can't understand why someone else's son would take aim on Kevan.

I think the fact that someone valued my child's life so little is something that I just can't come to terms with, Patricia Dunlop said.

Family and friends from across the country were flying in Monday for Kevan's funeral on Wednesday. Police are actively searching for the four suspects.