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2 North Texans turn themselves in for charges related to Capitol riots

Jason Hyland and Katherine Schwab of Colleyville were allegedly on the same private flight as Jennifer "Jenna" Ryan, the FBI said in a criminal complaint.

Two people from North Texas have turned themselves in for charges related to the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Jason Lee Hyland and Katherine Schwab of Colleyville were allegedly on the same private flight as Jennifer "Jenna" Ryan, the FBI said in a criminal complaint. Hyland and Schwab were living together at the time.

Hyland now faces two federal charges of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Hyland had his first appearance in court on Tuesday. He was not detained.

Schwab was arrested and released. Her charges are pending. She had a hearing Monday and was released on house detention. She may not leave the area and must avoid all contact with any other person who was involved in the Capitol riots on Jan. 6.

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Hyland's lawyer filed a motion, asking to modify the bond so that he could speak with Schwab since they were living together at the time, according to court documents.

Hyland and Schwab were seen in pictures with Ryan on the day before the riots, the complaint said.

Schwab's release conditions say she must get medical or psychiatric treatment as directed by the U.S. Probation Officer. She must surrender any passport. She is not allowed to possess a firearm or other weapon.

She must also continue to or actively seek employment. Schwab was a real estate agent with Century 21 Mike Bowman Inc., which wrote in a Facebook post on Jan. 7 that she was no longer associated with them.

FBI complaint on Hyland

The criminal complaint includes pictures where Hyland was allegedly shown with Ryan and others that were posted on social media on Jan. 5.

Ryan posted a 21-minute Facebook Live video that showed Schwab in the video, the complaint said. Surveillance video at the Capitol also showed Hyland inside the Capitol building. 

Hyland allegedly texted Ryan, Schwab and two other people in a group chat that was labeled “patriot flight,” the FBI said in the complaint.

The message sent on Jan. 5 said “thanks for joining me to DC to stand up for America. This will be historic - no matter the outcome. We will leave from us trinity hanger at Denton Airport tomorrow the 5th at 3:00 p.m. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Ps, please register for the events on the 6th at trumpmarch.com."

On Jan. 19, agents interviewed Hyland, who said he was responsible for the flight logistics but told agents that he did not know any of the travelers prior to the trip.

He was Facebook friends with Ryan and Schwab. He invited them to join him on the trip to Washington D.C. and they agreed, the complaint said. Ryan and Schwab invited the two other people, so there were five in the group.

Hyland told law enforcement that after the flight, they checked into a hotel in Washington D.C. that evening. 

The next morning, they got up early and headed to the event near the Washington Monument and the White House. The event was “packed” so they stood in the back near the Washington Monument, he told FBI agents in the complaint. 

The group eventually started to walk towards the Capitol building for the 1 p.m. event. When they got to the Capitol, there was one food truck and no stage, so they went back to the hotel, the complaint said.

Hyland said that sometime before the 1 p.m. event, he, Ryan, Schwab and one of the others took an Uber back to the Capitol building. He went near the U.S. Supreme Court first and later went to the Capitol building where people were already inside.

He described the walk up the steps as a "funnel" and told the FBI that two Capitol police officers were holding the doors open. Hyland asked if he could go inside. One of the officers replied, “everyone else is.”

Hyland entered the building with Ryan and Schwab and told the FBI that he stayed in the building for a short time, according to the complaint. He heard a loud bang, similar to a flash bang and quickly left through the door he walked in.

The FBI Dallas field office has received more than 100,000 tips and pieces of digital media regarding the Capitol riots, said special agent Matthew DeSarno.

They receive help from law enforcement partners but also rely on the public as well. Anyone with information that can help the FBI identify those who were at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 can call the Dallas FBI Field Office at 972-559-5000 or go to https://tips.fbi.gov/.