ARLINGTON -- The Arlington Police Department says 15 officers have been put on administrative leave with pay after an investigation found they were lying when they reported traffic stops.

The department said in a press release Tuesday that it discovered "suspicious reporting of traffic stop activity" during audits of the officers. Random audits are performed in the field by reviewing video recordings and other tools of traffic stops and cases that involve citizens.

"During this periodic review, supervisors identified several officers who allegedly conducted traffic stops that did not actually occur which prompted this investigation," APD wrote in its release.

The investigation found that no one was pulled over and no tickets were given out, but the officers reported them anyway.

APD said the false traffic stops won't compromise the department's annual report, but officials are still investigating what impact it will have.

“These allegations are serious and represent conduct that is not consistent with departmental expectations," said Police Chief Will Johnson. "I expect Arlington officers to perform their duties with the highest degree of personal integrity. We will investigate these allegations to determine the facts of this case."

The Arlington Police Department has about 625 sworn officers.