DALLAS -- One suspect is dead and three others have been arrested following an armed robbery gone wrong that left the victim dead in southwest Dallas just before midnight on Thursday.

According to a Dallas Police Department news release, a 21-year-old woman had conspired with three older men to rob a 61-year-old man she knew from the neighborhood, John Horton.

The woman, Jayona Jones, planned to distract Horton so the men could rob him. They went to his home in the 3900 block of S. Ledbetter Rd. at 11:50 p.m., and two of the suspects -- 31-year-old Raul Sanchez and 24-year-old Marino Sanchez -- entered Horton's home with shotguns.

Horton apparently fired on the suspects with a gun of his own before he was shot and killed by Raul and Marino Sanchez. Meanwhile, Jones hid in a closet and fled the scene after the shooting on foot.

The fourth suspect, 26-year-old Pedro Alarcon, was there for the planning of the crime, police say, and waiting outside as the attempted robbery occurred.

A witness, who is known by police but was not identified for his protection, heard the gunfire and approached the home. Raul Sanchez walked outside with a shotgun and pointed it at the witness, who drew a firearm and shot Raul Sanchez. The elder Sanchez died at the scene.

Marino Sanchez then exited Horton's residence with his shotgun and ran for the getaway vehicle, driven by Alarcon.

The witness said while the younger Sanchez was in the vehicle, he pointed his shotgun in the witness' direction. The witness began firing at the vehicle, hitting both it and Marino Sanchez.

Alarcon drove Marino Sanchez to a local emergency room, where patrol officers responded and arrested Alarcon and Jayona Jones, who had apparently rejoined the other suspects.

Marino Sanchez was taken to Parkland Hospital to be treated for his gunshot wounds and also placed under arrest.

All three surviving suspects are charged with capital murder. Marino Sanchez remains at Parkland Hospital. Alarcon and Jones are in Dallas County Jail, being held on $500,000 bond.