Football, family, and food. It was a tailgating Thanksgiving that started for this football family 29 years ago.

"Started out basically with a cooler of beer and a bucket of chicken,” Cy Ditmore said.

And it's grown to more than 200 people -- including a pet. His owner Slim brings him every year.

"Tailgate Tom. We bring him out. He's a Cowboys fan," he said.

Tailgate Tom is lucky he's not being fried or cooked and served up.

"The President gives his turkey a pardon, but Tailgate Tom gets the biggest pardon 'cause he's with America's team," he said.

Others aren't so lucky to get a pardon today.

"Some of his relatives will be served,” Ditmore said.

We asked if Tailgate Tom will be next year's Thanksgiving dinner -- or is it the same turkey every year.

"They are pets not food,” Slim said.

He's part of the family that would be no where else this holiday except right here.

"I love everybody out here. There is a lot of these people I would take a bullet for,” Ditmore said.

So as the football family gathers to celebrate, Tailgate Tom is happy and grateful he gets to gobble another day.