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COVID-19 hospitalizations trending upward this week, doctors closely monitoring

"The politicians have made it really clear, President Trump has made it clear it's full steam ahead regardless of what they see," said Judge Clay Jenkins.

DALLAS — Dallas County is setting records for the wrong reasons. For the third straight day this week, Dallas County has recorded as record-high number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Dallas County reported 328 positive cases and also three deaths on Friday. The county says one likely explanation for the gradual trend in these numbers may be due to the increase in testing.

But there's another trend that has county and local medical experts concerned: the number of hospitalizations caused by COVID-19. 

Stephen Love of the D-FW Hospital Council represents more than 90 area hospitals. He says over the last month, the number of hospitalizations has peaked four times, but every time it has subsequently come down.

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"It's gone up repeatedly over the last four or five days sustained and hasn't come back down. And now, that doesn't mean it won't come back down. We're going to watch it very closely," said Love.

Statistics for COVID-19 show hospital admissions, lab confirmed hospitalizations and emergency visits all trended up in Dallas County. ICU hospital admissions for COVID-19 remained steady and the number of available ICU beds went down. 

"We are in a timing-wise, two weeks away from when Memorial Day weekend occurred, when several things opened up, and so the timing for the impact of some of these numbers might fit with that," said Dr. Philip Huang, with the Dallas County Health and Human Services. 

These trends are happening all while Governor Abbott follows through on Phase 3 of the "Open Texas" order that lets restaurants open up to 75% capacity. 

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"The politicians have made it really clear, President Trump has made it clear it's full steam ahead regardless of what they see," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. 

Jenkins has asked an independent group of medical experts to meet Friday evening and draft recommendations for the governor to look at. It's unclear if those recommendations will result in any changes to reopening Texas. 

County and medical experts continue to stress the need for the public to follow good health habits, which include wearing face coverings, washing hands, and keeping safe social distances.

For any more information on testing and general COVID-19 related issues you are encouraged the county's website.

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