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Couple ties knot in N. Texas after Harvey floods Houston venue

North Texas vendors scramble to make sure a Houston bride got married Saturday.

HEATH, Texas -- It was the day Amanda Muir had dreamed of since she was five years old.

"So excited," she giggled, minutes before her wedding ceremony Saturday.

From every picture perfect detail, you'd think she planned it for months.

"It was definitely an adventure," she laughed.

You'd never know she had just five days. Amanda and her new husband Caleb were supposed to get married in Houston on Saturday, but Hurricane Harvey's devastation made that impossible.

"I was just just heartbroken for everybody there," said Amanda. "We have so many family friends that have their houses flooded right now."

As she watched her hometown flood, North Texas stepped up to help.

"I believe the man upstairs, God, kind of put that together," said Isaac Mathai, co-owner of the Hidden Creek event venue in Heath.

When Amanda called Hidden Creek last week, they just happened to have a rare Saturday opening, and Mathai rallied a team of vendors from there.

"There was no hesitation," said Mathai. "It was alright, make it happen, let's do it."

"I was like, 'Wow, this is actually happening, after five days," said Amanda. "This is so beautiful."

The cakes were donated, and the rest of the vendors offered steep discounts. Yes it was a rush, and vendors worked long hours to make it happen. But it all came together with love to give the couple the happiest day of their life, after some of their darkest.

"This was a really personal way to help in the situation that is happening in Houston," said Angela Cecil, owner of Bunches Flowers. "I just hope their day is magical."

The wedding couldn't wait because Caleb is an Air Force pilot who is leaving soon for his next assignment out of state.

For many of us, weddings are about love -- between the couple and for family and friends. But this one is also about community coming to make sure two people can experience life's joys even in the face of tragedy.

"God is so faithful, and he provided so much, through everybody here," said Amanda. "I love this man and he is the best person ever, and he is the best man that I have ever known, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him," said Amanda to Caleb.

"I am the most fortunate and blessed man on this planet," said Caleb, staring at Amanda.