Coppell police officers met with a resident in the lobby of the police department regarding a suspicious package Monday.

This comes after a string of suspicious packages have been found in Austin. Two people are dead and several others have been injured in Austin and police have said they believe it might the work of a serial bomber.

Around 5 p.m. a resident found a suspicious package at their doorstep of their home. The package appeared to be sent from outside of the United States. Instead of opening it, the resident brought it to the police department because they were not expecting a package, that too because of the unusual circumstances surrounding its delivery and origin.

Copell PD diverted traffic on Town Center Bvd. and evacuated the immediate area around the police department as a precaution. Irving police's bomb squad assisted with their equipment in handling the package.

After they investigated, authorities found that the package contents were harmless and the sender was identified. No criminal activity is associated with the package contents, so no criminal investigation or charges are being filed.

Should you find a suspicious package, Dallas police has offered tips on how to handle it.