Thank you for your interest in having a WFAA personality participate in your event.

• Requests must be submitted 3 months in advance of the date of your event. Requests submitted less than 2 months in advance will not be accepted. Please be prepared to allow at least 2 weeks for processing before receiving a response.

• There are no fees for WFAA talent participation. WFAA talent are only available for the specific event listed not including rehearsals, pre/post activities, meetings, etc.

• Please be advised that in the event of breaking news or severe weather our talent may be required to report to the station. We strongly encourage you to have an alternate plan in place.

• Please note our talent are less available during ratings periods (February, May, November).

• If requesting an emcee, please be prepared to submit a final script to the WFAA Speakers Bureau a minimum of 48 hours in advance of you event date. In the event the script is not received, WFAA reserves the right to withdraw participation from the event.