FORT WORTH -- When Jennifer Roybal wants to make a call using a cellphone from her Summer Creek home in far southwest Fort Worth, she has to go to an upstairs bedroom or outside by the pool to get service.

“When it’s really hot or cold outside, it’s not fun,” said Roybal, who lives on Morning Lane. Worse yet, during a recent business call the line was dropped three times, she said.

“It is horrible,” Roybal said. “Dropped calls, that’s all you get. A text will take forever to go through. I’m so fed up.”

Roybal said she often reboots her phone to do network resets, but they haven’t worked.

Brent Petersen, who lives nearby on Sunscape Lane, is frustrated by the same experience.

Petersen said he can be driving on Old Granbury Road, getting close to his neighborhood, and his call will drop. The neighborhood heard of plans for a new cell tower near Alta Mesa Boulevard. But that’s never happened.

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