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Community activist Dominique Alexander jailed

Arrested for domestic violence; victim speaks out

DALLAS — Community activist Dominique Alexander remains in jail Friday, one day after his arrest for domestic violence. But as he sits in jail his longtime partner, the victim in the case, is speaking out for the first time.

In front of the City Hall where she hopes to one day work, City Council candidate Keyaira D. Saunders spoke Friday as a domestic violence victim. She told police Alexander beat her multiple times.

 “I am strong, I am resilient, and I will not allow these incidents to deter me from my goals,” Saunders said.

 According to the arrest warrant there are two alleged assaults. The document says on April 10th he “used his hands in an attempt to strangle her”, an alleged incident that left Saunders with a broken toe. But less than a week later, there was another alleged crime. Sources said Alexander “struck her in the head, using his head in a head butt manner, causing pain and visible injury.” She said Alexander went on to say “I know the Chief of Police AND the DA. Who are you going to call?”

“It was a very scary thing to speak out on the things that I have been experiencing,” Saunders said.

 Alexander denies the allegations. On social media he said God will see him through this, but WFAA was there as he walked into jail and he added:

 “This is an unfortunate situation and at the end of the day I just ask that the community continue to pray for my family,” Alexander said.

 Alexander has a lengthy criminal history including injury to a child. But now he faces additional charges: one count felony assault for serious bodily injury, and one count misdemeanor assault.

 “I just want to let everyone know that I am ok,” Saunders said. “My family is ok. We’re all sticking through this, because this issue didn’t just happen to one person. It’s a whole family that’s affected.”

 Several city leaders, including the Police Chief and District Attorney, have ties to Alexander. On Friday the District Attorney recused himself from the case citing a conflict of interest.

 Saunders did not say if she will stay with her longtime partner, but she did say she is looking for a new home.

 “I march and I rally for justice and I believe in justice,” Saunders said. “We have to know when we have to do the right thing regardless of how much it hurts.”