DALLAS -- Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall has been on the job just over two months and rumors are already flying.

City Manager T.C. Broadnax, who hired her, sent this message to the Dallas City Council today:

"There appears to be rumors that Chief Hall has resigned. This is not the case. She is focused on preparing for the TCOLE exam and not taking media calls and outside meetings at this time."

Chief Hall has not been officially sworn in because she does not hold a peace officer's license in Texas.

"Until she gets the peace officer's license, she cannot be commissioned as an officer and she has no more authority than any civilian that is in the City of Dallas,” attorney Pete Schulte said.

Any officer from out of state wanting to work in Texas has to meet several requirements. One of them is a three-week course that prepares them to take the final licensing exam. Chief Hall recently completed that.

"It's a 200-question test. It will take a significant [amount of] time to get it done and pass," Shulte said. "It's pretty severe. If you don't get it done you cannot get commissioned."

The city manager issued a statement saying the chief is now on track to take the exam as soon as possible and will soon wear the DPD uniform.