It was anything but business as usual the Dallas Police Department Auto Pound on Wednesday, as the office worked to recover from a computer system outage.

“I mean, it’s very frustrating,” said Giselle Cruz, who had been waiting three days to pick up her vehicle.

Frustrations were high, and the inconvenience of the computer system failure was increasing as people packed the place trying to retrieve cars. The crowd was, at times, fuming over wait times.

The delays in the office were a result of a computer virus impacting systems across several City of Dallas departments this week.

"I've been trying to take out my car and I come back they give me a date," Cruz said. "I'm up here exactly at that time, and for them to tell me to come back the next day, that's not good."

As lines continued to form, Dallas police issued a statement explaining the computer system at the auto pound went out Monday morning and remained down until late Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, crowds grew impatient, as workers had to deal with what DPD is describing as “a short backlog of customers.”

"There's only two staff,” Cruz complained. “They need more than two because that's why they are really slow."

Some customers said some of the customer service workers in that office were also on edge.

"She's really disrespectful,” Cruz explained. “Before I came up to the window, she told one of the ladies, 'Can you not read the sign right there'…and it said, 'shut down."”

On a positive note, some customers were relieved the city is telling those who showed up to the auto pound on Monday and Tuesday they will get a credit for the time they could not pick up their vehicles.

However, that is not enough for customers like Jonathan Stach of Austin. He waited two days to pick up his vehicle, and insisted on giving the City of Dallas a piece of his mind about the inconvenience.

"Upgrade your facilities, to where the computers don't go down," Stach said. "And if they do go down, have a backup system."