DALLAS – As community members continue dealing with the resignation and public corruption scandal involving former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, many residents across Council District 4 are focusing on the future.

Voters are already discussing the requirements they expect from potential candidates running to be their next representative at City Hall. “I want to see someone who is very open,” said Dr. Jennifer Hills as she sat inside For Oak Cliff community center. “Very grass-rooted.

Several community members say, moving forward, honesty and integrity would be a priority with any candidate working to get their vote. "I think District 4 is a major player in the city,” said Kendall Kelley. “What need is investing more people paying attention in our communities."

Neighbors near the Glendale Shopping Center and along Lancaster Road echoed some of the same sentiments. They would like to see someone in office who is visible in the community, who is accessible, and who listens to constituents. Some residents say they expect the next District 4 Councilmember to be prepared to tackle issues like crime, homelessness, jobs, and economic development.

“They must not promise anything that they say they cannot do,” said author Robert Helm.

Some community members say they feel a sense of frustration after learning Caraway pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges for taking $450,000 in bribes and kickbacks. Yet, many choose to remain optimistic about the area’s future. "District 4 will be fine,” said business owner Akwete Tyehimba.

Candidates looking to run for the vacant District 4 seat on Dallas City Council must submit applications by August 23, 2018. A special election will be held in November.

“There is hope for District 4,” said Tyehimba. Other residents echoed that sentiment.

Several names of potential District 4 candidates are already floating around. Community members say they expect transparency and integrity from any candidate who may be working to earn their vote.