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Cancer survivors escape to specialized spa in McKinney

Tucked away in Historic Downtown McKinney is an oasis for people like Janet Moltz.

Tucked away in Historic Downtown McKinney is an oasis for people like Janet Moltz.

“You walk in here and forget what was on the other side of the door,” said Moltz, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 11 years ago and she’s still fighting.

“I’ve had chemo ten of the eleven years,” said the 49-year-old mother of two.

While doctors care for her cancer, Monika Norman and staff provide something more.

“We calm and soothe and heal and repair,” said Norman, “That's what we do. We become part of their family, we become part of their well-care."

Spa Esoteric, which will be open 9 years in March, sees an average of 1,000 oncology clients per year—a fraction of their day-to-day business.

“It's very different,” said Norman, speaking to caring for their clients with cancer.

Oncology aesthetics it’s called. Services like massage, facials, manicures and pedicures are available to survivors at lower cost.

"If you're working on a client who has a port or you're working on someone in active chemo, we have very strict guidelines because you can cause anything from irritation to anaphylactic shock to death,” explained Norman, who has gone through specific training for herself and her staff.

“We do nothing abrasive-- no scrubs, no peels… and nothing that has a plug, so no steam, no micro-current, no micro-needling,” said Norman.

Products for clients with cancer are free of chemicals.

“When you are going through chemo or radiation, because it's a metallic based product, it's going to leave deposits on your hair, skin and nails,” said Norman, who is not a doctor. “So, you have to think of every oncology client as having a sheet of aluminum foil on them, and if you put a chemical on an aluminum foil sheet of paper - you're going to cause a problem.”

Even with changes to her outside physical appearance, it’s here at the spa among friends that Moltz has an opportunity to recognize and relish in her beauty within.

“You're still 100 percent woman,” said Moltz. “It's important and feels good and it makes a huge difference to be able to look in the mirror and feel amazing.”