CPS confirmed to WFAA that the Mathews' 4-year-old child is now with family in the Houston-area. The child was transported on Monday, according to a representative with CPS.

Sini is being charged with child abandonment and her husband Wesley is facing a charge of felony injury to their adopted child Sherin. Sherin Mathews was found dead in a culvert in Richardson.

CPS told WFAA that the child going to a family member was always an option on the table. A rep even says that is most often the recommended option to help the child easily transition. It was a judge that finally made that decision to take the child from the foster home.

Child Protective Services said a home-study of the relative's home in the Houston-area was done. The decision to remove the child from the foster home into the family home required all attorneys to weigh in: Wesley and Sini's attorneys, CPS, and even the attorney for the child.

WFAA is not naming or showing the child, protecting her identity because she is an innocent child in all of this.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the jail released video of Sini Mathews as she was being processed into the jail.

It's unclear how long child will be with family. The custody hearings will continue and the next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 29.

Sherin Mathews