DALLAS—A family is heartbroken and panicking after their beloved dog was taken during a home break-in on Christmas Eve.

The burglary happened at the home of Bonnie and Stuart Parker in the Lake Highlands area.

Both said they were attending a Christmas Eve party in the neighborhood, and came home to find their door kicked in.

An estimated $10,000 in property was taken. The Parkers say that TVs, a laptop, jewelry, and some presents from under the tree were stolen.

Bonnie Parker also makes homemade jewelry, and around 60-70 pieces were missing as well.

But the thieves also took something priceless, the Parker's 8-month old Shih Tzu Zane.

“This was our new little baby,” Stuart Parker said. “I don't love easy, but I fell for that little dog.”

The Parkers said they got Zane earlier this year in the summer. They also told WFAA that they purchased the purebred after a dog they owned, another Shih Tzu, died.

Both added that Zane quickly became part of the family.

“Before we left to go to the party, Stuart was picking him up and playing with him saying how much he loved Zane,” Bonnie said.

“He was one of those dogs who would get up on your neck, and I have a beard so he would nip at my beard,” Stuart said. “I loved him.”

The Parkers live in a nice neighborhood, someone would have to be bold to break into a house on their street.

They say they don't know of any enemies, and that the only people they've recently allowed into their home were maintenance workers.

Even so, they just can't understand why someone would take their dog.

“You can have the whole house.. if the dog hadn't been taken—we'd be perfectly ok. We would call the insurance company and we would get passed it,” Bonnie said.

“I can get another laptop, that's nothing,” Stuart said. “But don't mess with my family...and he's family.”

Detectives with Dallas Police are now investigating the break-in, and the Parkers say they're scouring sites like Craigslist to see if Zane turns up. They're also checking with neighbors to see if anyone saw anything or if there's security video of any suspects.

A reward is also being offered by the family if Zane is returned.

When all is said and done, they just want the little guy back.

“I just want Zane home,” Stuart said.