Raul Ortega-Cabrera was not just a construction worker but also a talented musician. His fellow band members gathered to remember him Tuesday night.

They sang the last song they performed together Saturday night. Ironically the title was “I Will Never Forget You.” ”We are going to miss him a lot,” said Ramon Orozco his fellow band member.

The band has been together 14 years. Raul played the saxophone. They were supposed to practice Monday night. "We were waiting for him and he never showed up,” said Orozco.

Raul was killed when the building he was working on collapsed during a heavy thunderstorm in West Dallas. His cousin rushed to the scene to try and help him. "The police said, 'Stop stop,'” said Noe Ortega-Cabrera his cousin.

No one could save him. The father of two was crushed when beams fell on him. His family says Raul and his wife were expecting their third child. They had a baby shower Friday night.

"Everybody was happy especially because the baby that was coming was a man/a boy,” Ortega-Cabrera said.

The band says they will play on without their friend. but say it will never be the same.