Balch Springs Police held a press conference Monday afternoon and released new details on the officer-involved shooting that killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards.

According to Balch Springs police, officers responded to a report of intoxicated teenagers on a residential street in the 12300 block of Baron Drive at 11 p.m. Saturday. Neighbors said a large house party was underway at the time. 

"After further investigation, I have additional information that is contradictory to the information that was provided to me yesterday," Chief Jonathan Haber said.

Originally, Haber said when officers arrived on the street, they heard gunfire and a car filled with passengers backed towards them in reverse.

"I unintentionally, incorrect yesterday when I said the vehicle was backing down the road. In fact, according to the video that I viewed the vehicle was moving forward as the officer was approached."

The officer involved has been with the department for about six years.

"I do have questions in relation to my observation on the video and what is consistent with the policies and core values of the Balch Springs Police Department," Haber said.

When asked about why a rifle was used in the shooting incident, Chief Haber says he cannot comment because it is apart of the ongoing investigation.

Two separate investigations are occurring centered around this incident. One on the officer's actions and one regarding the shooting of Edwards.

WFAA's Bradley Blackburn was live on Facebook at the press conference. You can watch his video below or by clicking here.