ARLINGTON -- A shotgun-wielding man who fired twice died in a hail of bullets in a confrontation with Arlington police Thursday afternoon.

Police say the suspect had visited the Galaxy Auto Sales at 640 East Front Street several times recently, armed with a knife and looking for the owner. He had made comments about a car that was repossessed, but it’s still not clear whether he was ever a customer.

When he returned again Thursday at 2:30 p.m., police responded and saw him in a car in front of the dealership. As officers approached his car, they heard what sounded like a shotgun being racked, so they backed away.

The man drove his car a short distance and parked it on the dealer’s property. Nearby Division Street was closed for the safety of the public.

SWAT officers soon arrived and blocked the suspect's car with an armored truck. From the truck they saw him holding a pistol grip shotgun.

The man made bizarre statements during attempted negotiations, including “being past the point of no return.”

Sometime later he fired the gun through a side window – away from officers who held their fire.

Tear gas was then lobbed into the car. Instead of surrendering, he fired again, this time toward the armored truck.

Multiple officers returned fire, striking the suspect.

The gunman was taken by ambulance to Arlington Memorial Hospital where he died from his injuries.

His identity has not yet been released.