DALLAS -- A 39-year-old woman was hospitalized after surviving a severe dog attack this week in southern Dallas.

The attack happened about 3 a.m. Thursday on Longridge Drive. The victim, Tamika Batts, was bitten dozens of times, according to sources, suffering injuries to her face, arms and feet.

She survived and was taken to the hospital. Her family told News 8 Saturday that she has been released and is doing ok.

Essicka Wilson lives on the street and heard the woman screaming outside her home.

"She was screaming loud," Wilson said. "She was saying, 'Quit! Stop! Get Away!'"

"You could hear her screaming at the top of her lungs, like she was fighting somebody," she said.

She was fighting two dogs, according to a police offense report. After Wilson heard the screams, she looked outside and saw two tan pit bulls in her yard, dogs that she has seen before chasing a man in her neighborhood.

Neighbors said that stray dogs are a common sight in the area, and Saturday, one man was seen taking a walk holding a bat, in case of a dog sighting.

Two dogs were confiscated after this attack, and sources say the Dallas Police Department is waiting on DNA tests to confirm whether they have the right animals.

Still, it's another blow in a city struggling with stray dogs. Dallas has devoted more resources to the issue after the death of Antoinette Brown, who was bitten over a hundred times in May and died of those injuries.

This new attack is evidence that there is still a problem.

"I have children, and that could have been one of them or me," said Wilson. "That is scary."