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Suspect's mom called police with concerns about son, 'AK-47-style gun' weeks before El Paso shooting, Allen PD confirms

Allen police say it was a 10-minute phone call between Patrick Crusius' mother and a public safety officer.

ALLEN, Texas — Patrick Crusius' mother did call authorities weeks before the shooting that left 22 dead in El Paso, confirmed Allen police Thursday. 

Police say the call came into the administrative side of the department at 11:15 a.m. on June 27. The shooting happened the morning of Aug. 3, more than five weeks later. 

The caller told the officer she was worried about her 21-year-old son and his possible possession of an "AK-47-style gun," said Sgt. Jon Fetty, a spokesman with the Allen Police Department. 

"She felt like he was not emotionally mature enough to own a weapon at age 21," he said. 

The call lasted 10 minutes, Felty said. 

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"At no time during the conversation did she indicate that any threat had been made towards any other people," he said. 

Police began looking into the call after Dallas attorney Chris Ayres told the Associated Press that Crusius' mother called authorities in Allen with concerns before the shooting. 

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Felty said the department had to track down the call manually since it didn't come through their emergency or non-emergency line. After talking with the public safety officer who took the call, police were able to pinpoint the time it was received.

The call was not recorded, but surveillance video captured the audio on the police-end. WFAA has put in a public information request for that video.

Police say the public safety officer asked twice whether the caller's son was suicidal or a threat to anyone to which no answers were given. The caller also did not identify herself nor her son during any point in the phone call. 

The police department says it affords people the right to stay anonymous when calling in. 

"We have nothing to cover up," Felty said. "Early on I put out every contact we had with Patrick, everything we had we made it public information."

The new development has also been turned over to the FBI, he said. 

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