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Actress Cicely Tyson speaks about diversity, career

Cicely Tyson is an icon.

Her career spans 65 years.

The 92 year old living legend visited St. Phillips School in South Dallas this week.

The actress was touched as three young girls reenacted some of her biggest Hollywood roles.

"That gives me such joy. I can not tell you."

Tyson sat down with News 8 to talk about her career not just as an actress but as an activist.

"I decided I could not afford the luxury of just being an actress. I had several issues that I wanted to address and I chose my career as a platform."

She speaks candily of the racial tension in America right now and says she is disturbed by it.

"We are all human beings."

She says her message through her work and her roles is to show people the strength of black women and racial tolerance.

“If we practiced the old adage of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We would be a much better world."

Tyson got emotional when she was given a painting of her mentor who told her in her first audition that she would be wonderful and glorious.

In return Tyson has inspired the careers of countless of actors and actress including Viola Davis who she co-stars with in How To Get Away with Murder.

Davis is also nominated for an academy award for her perfomance in the movie fences

"At last year’s Oscars there were no blacks. This year it's overwhelming and that means to me that there is some consciousness which will lead hopefully to some progress."

Tyson says she is hopeful when she looks into the eyes of the children at St. Phillips. She is hopeful they will carry on her message of tolerance and inclusion.

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