Police are investigating a case of road rage that ended in shooting on a highway.

Anthony Edwards of Arlington says he was driving on the highway when another driver nearly killed him by firing bullets into his Dodge Durango.

Edwards said, "One bullet, slightly grazed the back of my neck as I was going down.”

Edwards told police the shooting happened after an aggressive driver fired seven to nine shots into his truck on I-20 between Hampton and Polk on Thursday afternoon.

Edwards says he’s lucky to have survived. "My sense of trying to survive was in me ducking and moving at the same time," he explained.

Edwards is a minister and father of six. Parts of his body are scarred, black and blue, now from the four bullets that he says grazed him.

"As soon as the bullets started coming, I just heard a voice…like duck," he said.

Edwards says he just finished picking up transcripts for school when he got on the highway. He told police he approached a grey Kia Soul that was traveling about 30 miles per in the fast lane.

Edwards drove around the car. He says the driver of the other car sped up to catch him.

"He rolled down the window, he just was looking at me,” Edwards explained. “I looked back at him, and I said, “Man what's going on?” Then the next thing I heard were the gunshots."

The impact sent Edwards’ truck off the highway and into a median below.
He says the gunman was traveling with a female in the passenger’s seat and a child in the rear.

Edwards said, "I've never seen anybody have disregard for human life like that. I'm pretty sure if he unloads 7 bullets in my car on the freeway, God knows what else he is doing."

Edwards described the driver as having a bottom row of gold teeth. He says the Grey Kia Soul had tinted windows, a pink steering wheel, and a set of pink dice hanging from its rear view mirror.

Edwards says he's counting his blessings. Right now he just wants that gunman off the road.