A grand jury met behind closed doors on Monday at the Brewster County Courthouse as investigators continue to search for answers in the disappearance of 21-year-old Zuzu Verk.

The Sul Ross State University student vanished in the early morning hours of October 12.

Her boyfriend, Robert Fabian, remains a suspect in her disappearance.

Police have said the grand jury proceedings are largely an effort to compel Fabian's family members and close friends, some of whom are persons of interest in the case, to testify about anything they may know concerning Verk's disappearance.

Glenn and Lori Verk said on Monday they're hopeful they may finally get some answers as to what happened to their daughter.

"It was our hope that 30 days on, we'd have Zuzu at home," said Glenn.

The parents have relocated from their home in Keller to Alpine until they're able to figure out what happened, says Glenn.

Fabian's sister and brother-in-law were expected to be among those subpoenaed in the grand jury proceedings.

As News 8 first revealed last month, search warrant affidavits state Fabian borrowed their pick-up truck in the early morning hours on the same day Verk went missing.

He also called a close friend three times early the same morning, and investigators searched his car for "blood evidence," while also examining his laptop, according to additional warrants.

The warrants also suggest Verk's last known location was Fabian's apartment.

But there have been no arrests or charges in the case, and the Verk's say the longer there are no answers the tougher it is.

"The more time that goes by, the worse it is," says Lori. "The length of time is really unbearable. But the whole situation is unbearable and yet here we are."

A $200,000 reward remains in place for anyone that produces credible information that leads to Zuzu's whereabouts.